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The new BIOMAN project helps SME's to improve the biogas production from biomass resources.

The BIOMAN project develops a concept, which increases the biogas yield from non-food 2G biomasses and organic wastes resources by developing "the Re-Injection Loop". More than 7000 European biogas plants are potential customers to the new technology, which will be the outcome from the collaboration between 5 SME's  and 3 research institutions  representing Spain, Austria, Germany, England and Denmark.

At present, biogas plants all over Europe are struggling to extract as much energy as possible from their biomass resources, which are at present either potential food or feed, or poorly degradable.

Politicians and industry agree that the future for biogas lies within utilization of non-food second generation biomasses and agro industrial waste (ligno-cellulose material). The European Union has therefore, under the program "Research for the benefit of SME", granted a new project BIOMAN to 4 SMEs (Bigadan, Enzyme Supplies, Hielscher Ultrasonics, and Hibridacion Termosolar Navarra Sl, HTN) and 3 research partners (Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen, and Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Agroalimentaria, AINIA) from across Europe. BIOMAN develops a concept which is expected to dramatically increase the biogas yield from exactly such kind of substrates.

The essence of BIOMAN is theRe-Injection Loop,where the recalcitrant fibers are separated from the digestate and specifically attacked by various approaches (both physical and enzymatic methods) to make it more degradable before re-injection into the anaerobic digester for further biogas generation."The Re-injection loop is smart and cost effective since it specifically targets the poorly degradable fraction of the substrate, and nothing else"says project manager Lars DM Ottosen, and underlines the clear industrial aspect of the BIOMAN project. The developed technology can in principle aid any biogas plant running on fibrous material to a better and greener economy, and therefore has an enormous global business potential.

The BIOMAN project is funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA - Research Executive Agency: (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n0 FP7-SME-2012, 315664, "BIOMAN". Contact details Project CoordinatorCaroline Kragelund Rickers and Project Officer Aneta Ryniak, Website: