Hibridacion Termosolar Navarra- HTN



HTN Biogas is situated in Caparosso, Navarra in Spain and is the largest co-digestion biogas plant in Spain.  The substrate is primarily manure and organic industrial waste from the local area.

Bigadan has been turn-key contractor on the biogas process part. The capacity of the plant today is 600 ton/day. The biogas is used for production of electricity, a yearly production of 24 mill. kWh is expected.

The strategy is to use primarily cattle slurry and 2nd Generation biomasses and energy crops, hence the ideal demonstration plant for the project.

Role in project and experience:

HTN will mainly contribute in WP4 and WP5, playing a central role in lifting the Re-Injection Loop into full scale. HTN has the necessary operational experience in addition to recently constructed facilities. With Bigadan as supplier of their technology HTN will play a central role with on-going reality checks of the Re-Injection technology in progress.