Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

Hielscher Ultrasonics


Hielscher Ultrasonics is a family owned business, located in Teltow near Berlin (Germany). The main emphasis of its activities is the conception, development and production of ultrasonic devices for the use in laboratory and industrial applications. Technological innovations together with the realization of new ultrasound based processes substantiated the company growth and its market acceptance. Today, ultrasonic devices made by Hielscher Ultrasonics are being used in laboratories and production plants on all continents across the world. Hielscher Ultrasonics integrates the ultrasonic devices into complex ultrasonic systems, such as wire cleaning systems, too. Hielscher offers ultrasonic mixing reactors for the production of biodiesel at any scale. The ultrasonic mixing improves mass transfer and reaction kinetics leading to faster transesterification and higher yield. It saves excess methanol and catalyst. Hielscher offers Ultrasonic mixing reactors for oil and Methanol. In the future Hielcher expect a growing market for pre-treatment of biomass on large biogas plants.

Role in project and experience:

Based on experience from using ultrasound to optimize biodiesel production, Hielscher will develop their ultrasound technology to increase process rates and improve biomass digestibility within the Re-Injection Loop.

Hielscher has extended experience in product development, and in bringing new technologies to the market. Hielscher will contribute from WP 1 through WP5.

Hielscher has an office in the US which could accelerate penetration of the US market.