Enzyme Supplies- EZ

Enzyme Supplies


EnzymeSupplies is an SME based in Oxford Science Park, UK. EZproduce and sell most types of industrial enzyme blends including cellulases, amylases, lipases and proteases across a broad range of industries including the biomass treatment, biofuel industry and wastewater treatment.

The company develop tailor made enzymatic and microbial treatment for specific purposes and for conditions in which they have to work.  Enzyme Supplies is directly affiliated with Biological Preparations Ltd based in Cardiff, UK. With whom they share laboratory facilities and academic staff. Enzyme Supplies purchase capacity where product is made to their specification (i.e. manufactured in Denmark, China, India), and produce various enzyme blends directly targeted to specific purposes. In this way Enzyme Supplies have the privilege not to be affiliated to a restricted range of products to choose from but can work independently and produce and bring the best product mix designed for a specific purpose like the Re-injection loop in biogas production to market at competitive prices.

Role in project and experience

EZ will provide tailor made enzymatic (and microbial) treatment for the biomass chosen in the project and hereby improve the efficiency of the total Re-Injection loop. Enzyme Supplies will contribute to the planning and designing of the enzyme treatment protocols, according to results from the R&D work packages. Enzyme Supplies holds global experience in enzymatic treatment of biomass as a preparation for bioconversion to energy.