Danish Technological Institute- DTI

Danish Technological Institute


The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is a self-owned, non-profit R&D institution. The DTI is approved by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as a GTS institute. The DTI develops, applies and disseminates research- and technologically-based knowledge to the Danish and International business sector. The Institute participates in a wide range of development projects of benefit to society, in close collaboration with other leading research and educational institutions in Denmark and abroad. Its focus areas are: innovation and competitiveness; training and management; sustainable exploitation of resources; and cost-effectiveness in companies and society. In addition, the Institute carries out consultancy and standardisation services. DTI has played a leading role in many related European and nationally funded research projects.

Role in project and experience:

DTI will be the project coordinator and will also lead WP1 and WP2. WP1 is a market survey of 2. Generation biomasses and substrates for the biogas business and a chemical characterization of selected biomasses with the highest business potential (results from AGROBIOGAS). DTI will also lead WP2, laboratory scale bio methane potentials and molecular based analysis of the microbial consortium within the anaerobic digester following different treatment and re-injection strategies.