Bigadan is a SME comprising more than 25 years of international experience within practical use of biogas technology, with emphasis on large scale biogas plants. The Bigadan Group employs 25 persons, mostly Biogas technicians and experts and has built more than 30 biogas facilities in 11 different countries. Bigadan is an experienced supplier of turn-key plants, engineering, process equipment and maintenance as well as operation of biogas plants. Bigadan has a dedicated development focus on biogas technology for agricultural waste (slurry and manure) food waste and industrial organic waste. Bigadan A/S has special focus on large plants capable of digesting in the order of 100-750 tons of biomass pr. day also including mechanical pretreatment and pasteurization. Bigadan is an active participant in Danish Biogas Plant Association. The association is a nongovernmental organisation of biogas plant owners in Denmark. Its objective is to take care of its members` economic and other interests through negotiations with business relations, authorities or other organizations. In addition, the association acts as a forum for exchange of experience among plant owners and managers, and organizes supplementary training for plant managers. Finally the association contributes to increase the awareness of the public about the environmental and social importance of biogas plants. Bigadan is therefore an excellent vehicle for efficient dissemination of project results.

Role in project and experience:

Bigadan is the initiator of project and exploitation and dissemination manager, and will lead full scale testing of developed enzymatic mix under full scale conditions. Moreover, Bigadan will provide the solid-liquid separation technology for the project.

Bigadan's goal in the project is to initiate and market new technology and utilize new business opportunities. Acquisition of new knowledge and IPR rights.