Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Agroalimentaria- AINIA



Ainia is a technological research centre focused in the agro-food sector and related industries. Now it associates more than 1100 companies. Ainia's mission is to "actively take part in the attainment of excellence of companies through innovation, by anticipating society's requirements, formed as a professional organisation which is acknowledged as a qualified and committed collaborator". The aim of the centre is to promote research and technological development in the agro-food sector, to increase the quality of production, improve competitiveness and promote modernisation and diversification in the agro-food industries, this being achieved by rendering service to its members, through the execution of scientific research projects and public or private technological development.

Role in project and experience:

AINIA will lead the validation of the Re-Injection Loop at both pilot scale (pilot plants at AINIA) and industrial scale (full scale plant of HTN). AINIA will also participate in the lab-scale investigation of the Re-Injection Loop.

Ainia has a very strong expertise in R&D, Technical Assistance; Analysis; Training and Technology Transfer. During the last near 200 R&D projects (national and international) were developed, as well as a high number of consulting and training activities.

The work team involved in this project is formed by researchers on environment issues, mainly related with waste valorisation through biogas production. All of them have experience in areas of activity related with the project: biomethanation of agroindustrial residues through anaerobic co-digestion, and in management of European projects, working together in multidisciplinary research projects.

ainia has participated and lead different of EC projects such as BIOLISME: Speedy system for sampling and detecting Listeria monocytogenes in agro-food and related European industries (VIIPM); BIODET: Networking in the application of biosensors to pesticide detection in fruits and vegetables (VIPM); INTEGRAL-B (LIFE); OZONECIP: Ozone clean in place in food industries (LIFE); and participates in: TRACEBACK, HELENA; VINISERV; GRUB's UP, Recycling and Upgrading Wastes from Food production for use within the food chain ( VIPM); APTPACK, OPTIM'OILS; BIOACTIVE; MEDA GO TO EUROPE; EuroMedCitrusNet (VIPM); AGRIFOODRESULTS; KNOWLEDGE2INNOVATION; TRACK_FAST,etc. At national level, ainia coordinates several initiatives, among them, a large project called PROBIOGAS.