Scientific objectives

Scientific objectives

The Scientific objectives of BIOMAN are to advance the current state-of-the-art by creating new fundamental knowledge on:

* The effect of solid liquid separation and followed by different physical disruption methods of particulate, hardly degradable matter in manure, with added straw or energy crops, in order to improve the final biogas yield

* Correlation between biogas potential of the untreated biomass material and the additional efficiency obtained of the physical (p)retreatment method

* Optimal strategies for the application of hydrolytic enzymes to a mixture of manure, straw and other solid biomass

* Treatment effects of the digested separated fibre fraction following an initial round of anaerobic digestion

* Correlation between biogas potential of the digested fibre fraction, and the additional efficiency obtained by the physical destruction methods

* The changes in lignocellulosic biomass composition during anaerobic digestion before and after additional physical treatment of the digested fibre fraction

* Identification of possibly accumulated recalcitrant organic matter in the tested Re-Injection Loop of the BIOMAN system